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Your dental book author informs you in "THE JAW-CODE"

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a dysfunction of the jaw joint and chewing muscle function. It can cause various pains in the head, jaw, and ears as well as the neck. Do you suffer from TMD yourself and want to learn more about the condition and treatment options? Then our book on jaw health is a must-read.

Timely treatment of TMD is important because symptoms increase and intensify over time. Impairments can arise during chewing, speaking, and sleeping. With us, you turn to a dentist specializing in TMD therapy who can competently assist you.

TMD Therapy in Hamburg - You'll Receive the Best Possible Advice with Us

TMD is connected to many other health issues, including migraines, back pain, or tinnitus. When you choose treatment at our dental practice, you'll experience a higher quality of life, improve your jaw function, and benefit from pain relief.

For more information on possible treatment concepts, as well as on cause research and available diagnostic procedures, read "The Jaw Code". This book also includes exciting patient reports. You'll learn more about interdisciplinary approaches and the latest research findings in this field. This reading is worthwhile for anyone looking to improve their dental health and overall well-being.

The Jaw Code - February 3, 2024

The Jaw-Code

Book on Jaw Health - Now Available

In "The Jaw-Code," your dental book author provides tips for self-examination, stress management, and relaxation exercises. Through before-and-after reports, it becomes clear how successful the therapy can be. After reading the book, individuals will have a comprehensive overview of the topic and will find it much easier to select an appropriate treatment method.

This book is beneficial for those affected, as well as family members or other dentists or physiotherapists. You can purchase the book at your local bookstore, by direct inquiry through our website, or in online shops.

Your dental book author provides comprehensive information about TMD and the possibilities. So feel free to contact us!

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