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Teeth Straightening Cleverly with Invisalign

With Invisalign, you're opting for transparent, removable aligners, making it the smart way to straighten your teeth. This leading method is something our dentist will gladly introduce you to, along with all its benefits. Utilize our SmileView tool to get a first impression of your new smile right on your phone.

Over 12 million teeth alignments have already been successfully completed with Invisalign. It's a proven system from which you too can benefit. Suitable for both teenagers and adults, it presents an ideal solution for anyone interested in aesthetic orthodontics. Visit us and take advantage of our consultation.

Why You Should Choose Our Dental Practice

As a platinum provider of Invisalign, we are one of the dental practices with the most successful teeth straightening treatments in Germany. We offer maximum experience and expertise for your most beautiful and healthiest smile!

The Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners are the world's leading system for teeth straightening with aligners. Compared to other solutions, the results are significantly more convincing.

While traditional braces are visible, Invisalign aligners are transparent and therefore absolutely discreet. You can wear them during the day without anyone noticing. Whenever you want, you can remove the thin plastic aligner.

Procedure for Teeth Straightening Therapy

Every treatment in our practice begins with a free initial consultation. We painlessly scan your teeth with state-of-the-art digital 3D intraoral scanners. As a result, we obtain a precise "impression" of your teeth in 3D. You've never seen your teeth like this before! The results of teeth straightening with Invisalign can be accurately predicted.

An individually tailored treatment plan provides maximum transparency regarding the scope, duration, and cost of optimal teeth straightening.

Thanks to our advanced method, the therapy is usually shorter and more affordable than with traditional teeth straightening treatments.

Use Our SMILE-View Tool!

Want to know how you'll look with perfectly straight teeth right now? Our SMILE-View Tool makes it possible. Just click the link and take a selfie of your smile.

Get in touch with us and benefit from the advantages of innovative teeth straightening.

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