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TMD Treatment in Hamburg - Our Dental Practice Specializes in It

A disorder of the temporomandibular joint function with pain and functional impairment is referred to as TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction). It has many causes, such as stress, misaligned teeth or incorrect loading. In this case, TMD treatment is urgently required. Our dentist takes care of it competently.

If you suffer from headaches or neck pain or experience restricted jaw movement, it could be a symptom of TMD. We examine your jaw position, palpate the muscles, and use specialized imaging techniques for diagnosis. You entrust yourself to experienced hands with us and receive appropriate treatment.

TMD Treatment - Benefit from Our Specialized Diagnosis

Fortunately, there are good treatment options available for TMD today. These include individual and holistic therapy approaches, as well as the use of innovative digital medicine and technology. From the diagnosis stage, we leave nothing to chance and capture every important detail in a full-body screening. In addition to the use of specific occlusal splints, we collaborate, among others, with Prof. Domenico Gurzi from the "Institute of Movement Sciences, Sports Medicine and Health" within the "MFC Sports Lab, Marbella, Spain." Practitioners and therapists in Hamburg support the therapy to best accompany you on your path to healing.

Right from the diagnosis stage, we leave nothing to chance. We rely on Prof. Domenico Gurzi, a specialist in movement analysis, for this task. At his dental practice near the town hall, he can reliably identify TMD-related misalignments for us.

Individual advice and transparency

Following a precise diagnosis, we ensure that you receive a treatment plan tailored to your desires and needs. To make your financial investment in your health transparent, you will receive a detailed cost breakdown before the treatment, along with information on insurance coverage and convenient payment installment options.

At our practice, you'll find a specialized focus on aesthetics and TMD under the leadership of one of the most renowned practitioners in the field. We are also pleased to advise you on teeth straightening with Invisalign, as well as providing ceramic dental prosthetics such as inlays, veneers, or crowns.

With our digital Smile-View technology, you can see the outcome of the treatment BEFORE it begins!

Choose TMD treatment now and contact us!

You can find more information about Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) on our YouTube channel. (Languages: German/English/Arabic)

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